MindNode 5 Upgrade Price

If you are a user of a previous version of MindNode you might be eligible for a discounted upgrade to MindNode 5.


If you are customer of MindNode 2 for Mac, we offer a discounted upgrade price of $14.99 for MindNode 5 for Mac. If you are a customer of MindNode for iOS (version 1-4), we offer a discounted upgrade price of $9.99 for MindNode 5 for iOS. (Please check the App Store for local prices).

If you purchased after September 1st you can upgrade to MindNode 5 for free to the respective version within six months of the release.

We are sadly unable to offer discounts to MindNode Pro customers.


You can get the discount by installing the old version on the same device as MindNode 5. MindNode 5 should detect the discount automatically and display it on the Purchase screen. If this doesn't work, please ensure you have MindNode 4.5.8 for iOS or MindNode 2.5.7 for Mac installed.

You know when the discount was applied when you see the full price crossed out and the discounted price next to it on the Purchase button.

If the discount is not applied. Please select the "Check for Discount" button below the Purchase button.

(Last Updated: 2018-07-13)

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