Legacy Versions

While we stopped selling and supporting older versions of MindNode, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to retain access to your purchase. For Mac App Store purchases we will make direct version downloads available about one year after we stopped selling the app. Direct versions for Mac versions are Developer ID signed. It's currently not possible to offer the same ability for iOS apps.

If you purchased the apps from the App Store you can also reinstall them directly from the App Store using the Purchases screen.


MindNode Pro

If you purchased MindNode Pro from the Mac App Store or directly from our store, you can use the following license information to unlock the full version: Owner: MindNode Pro Legacy Support

Older versions:

MindNode 2

A direct download build of MindNode 2 will be made available about a year after we remove it from sale. If you purchased MindNode 2 you can reinstall it from the “Purchased” tab from inside the App Store application on your Mac.


MindNode 4

If you purchased MindNode 4 you can reinstall it from the “Purchased” list from inside the App Store application on your iOS device. You can find this list under your account settings.

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