2016: Year in Review

As a small company we always plan to, and then sometimes forget to, take a moment to communicate what we are doing. The last year has been a very exciting year for us. We added tasks to MindNode, made the iOS version fully accessible, focused on fixing many smaller and bigger issues and annoyances and made MindNode fully compatibly with macOS Sierra, iOS 10 and watchOS 3.

Touch Bar

In the recent MindNode 2.4.3 update we added support for the new Touch Bar. Using the Touch Bar on supported MacBook Pro’s you can quickly create new nodes or open the outline. We made the Touch Bar fully customizeable, so you can adapt it to your needs. You can learn more about the TouchBar in our User Guide.

Touch Bar

User Guide

Speaking of our user guide, we recently released a completely new user guide. The new user guide is the best way for new users to learn the basic functional of MindNode. It's available for the macOS and iOS version and you can seamlessly switch between both versions. The new user guide is also fully integrated with our website, which we relaunched a month ago.


The continued success of MindNode has also allowed us to grow the company. Last March Michael Schwarz joined our engineering team and only this week Paula Schramm moved to Vienna to help us with customer support and marketing, putting us at 5 employees supported by a hand full of freelancers.

Looking Ahead

For early Summer we are planing a major release of our apps that will bring support for the oft requested top down layout and many more features. We are currently busy refining the new features and plan to share more details with you in the coming months.

Thank you for all your support during the last year!

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