MindNode 2.1 for El Capitan

Following last weeks MindNode 4.1 for iOS release, we released a new version of our Mac app this week. MindNode 2.1 for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store and adds several often requested features and improves El Capitan compatibility.


Stickers are a very popular feature among our users and todays update adds two new free sticker sets – Organize & Productivity. You can now choose from 75 (100 if you add the MindNode Pro add-on) stickers exclusively designed for MindNode, all available in colored and tinted variants. With this release we also switch to PDF based stickers for better resizing support.


A better AppleScript integration has been on our list for some time now and with this update we shipped the first improvements in this area. You can now write scripts to batch export document to all available export formats. As an example we created a script to take all OPML files from a folder and export them as PDF images. We are really looking forward to hearing from you on what you are doing with this feature and how we can improve it further.

El Capitan

We’ve already added several improvements related to El Capitan in the last couple of releases. In this update we further reduced the minimum window size to improve Split Screen mode, added Haptic Feedback when reconnecting and added swipe to delete in outline view.

Other Improvements

MindNode will now also search connection label titles directly on the canvas and note contents in outline view. Furthermore labels and notes are now also indexed by Spotlight.


In MindNode 2 we introduced a new physics-based layout engine and we thought the ability to manually trigger “Reorganize Nodes” was no longer needed. A lot of customers wrote in and convinced us to bring back this feature. You can now find it under Node > Organize > Reorganize Nodes and it’s only available in manual layout.

Import and Export

Improving import and export is always very high on our todo list as we see MindNode as one part of your overall workflow. CSV import and export is very helpful if you need to get your data into a spreadsheet application. Additionally we also added import of the iThoughts file format.

– Markus

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