Introducing MyMindNode

Sharing MindNode documents is difficult. Sending the entire document is often not an option as it requires the other user to have a version of MindNode installed. Images or PDFs are an alternative, but they only work for smaller documents.

Our solution for this problem is MyMindNode, a simple web service to share MindNode documents on the web.

MyMindNode Register

You upload your documents directly from MindNode on your iOS device and you can immediately share the URL to your document via Email, Twitter or Facebook. If you like you can even embed your document into a blog or website. Simply paste in our special embed code and you are all set.

MyMindNode Sharing

MyMindNode documents aren’t static representations of your content. They are displayed using modern HTML 5 technologies directly inside your browser. You can copy texts and zoom into your document without the content getting blurry. This approach will also allow us to add interactivity like unfolding of branches and displaying of embedded images at full resolution in future updates.

MyMindNode is currently in private beta testing. We plan to ship a public beta in the upcoming MindNode touch 2.4 update.

Example MyMindNodes:

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