New Visual Style and iCloud

MindNode Pro 1.9 is now available on the Mac App Store. This update refreshes the MindNode Pro visual style, optimizes the application for retina displays and enables iCloud support on Lion and Mountain Lion.

Visual Update

As part of our retina enhancements for MindNode Pro, we also updated the toolbar with new icons. With the new icons, the application should better integrate with the current look and feel of the OS X desktop. The monochrome icons also take away focus from the toolbar and allow to better focus on the mind map.

With this update we are also bringing back the zoom control in the lower left corner of the window and MindNode Pro now adopted the same drawing offsets as the iOS version.


I’ve promised iCloud integration in MindNode for some time now on this blog and we are finally able to start rolling out our iCloud integration. As a first step MindNode Pro now supports iCloud on Lion and Mountain Lion. On Lion we use our own document browser implementation and on Mountain Lion we adopt the new iCloud open panel.

Mountain Lion

This update also fully optimizes MindNode Pro for Mountain Lion. Besides the retina and iCloud enhancements I mentioned above, MindNode Pro new adopted the new system gesture for QuickLook and adds support for Share Sheets to easily share documents using Mail, Messages and AirDrop.

Other important changes

We had a separate blog posting about those changes recently, but I’d like to summarize them: * Visual file links are a great feature, but in it’s current form they don’t work within a sandboxed application. As Apple started to enforce sandboxing for all Mac App Store applications, we had to considerable change them. In the Mac App Store version of MindNode Pro it’s no longer possible to directly open linked documents, preview them directly on the canvas or open the QuickLook panel. I’m very sorry if this considerable changes your experience with the application, but the alternative would have been to pull the application from the Mac App Store. This in turn would have made it impossible for us to add iCloud support to the application. * With this update we move the MindNode file format from a zip archive to a file bundle. This improves Versions and iCloud performance, but might break custom workflows that relay on the current file format. * MindNode Pro now requires Lion or Mountain Lion. * As iChat Theater requires access to the AddressBook, it’s no longer supported in 1.9. This is also the reason why you see an AddressBook permission alert when running an older version of the application on Mountain Lion.

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