Changes to Existing Features in MindNode Pro 1.9

We are planning to release MindNode Pro 1.9 on the Mac App Store later this week. This update will add some major new features - including iCloud integration, retina screen support and Share Sheets - but will also change the behavior of existing functionality. In this blog posting I’d like to focus on the things that are changing and why we had to adopt those changes.

Recently Apple started to require application sandboxing for all applications on the Mac App Store. In a nutshell sandboxing means that applications are now contained within a container and have very limited access to outside resources like files and data. This is a good thing for users and overall I welcome this change. Sadly this also means that some things that were possible before, are no longer possible and in MindNode’s case this means visual file links are no longer working in this new restricted ecosystem.

While you can still link to an external file in 1.9, MindNode now uses the default document icon for the previews on the canvas (instead of the QuickLook preview) and it’s no longer possible to use the QuickLook panel for linked documents. It’s also no longer possible to open a linked document using double click, instead MindNode will now show the document in Finder.

Those changes only affect the Mac App Store version and I have high hopes that we will be able to fully restore this feature in a future update.

iChat Theater

On Mountain Lion access to the AddressBook/Contacts is restricted on a system wide level (this is also related to sandboxing). While MindNode doesn’t require access to this information, iChat Theater does and it’s causing a permissions dialog to pop up when the application first launches. This is why we decided to remove iChat theater support from 1.9.

Snow Leopard

At the moment MindNode Pro and MindNode touch are two completely separate products that hardly share any source code. This is a real problem when adding new features and we’ve started to slowly move to a shared code base. In order to move this transition forward MindNode Pro 1.9 will no longer support Snow Leopard and 32bit Macs.

File Format

With 1.9 we also made a minor changes to our file format. Instead of a zip archive, we are now adopting file bundles to improve Versions and iCloud support. This change won’t affect your ability to open documents in older versions of the application, but it might cause issues with third party software. Sadly there is also a bug related to this change and Dropbox import in MindNode touch, which we are planning to address in the upcoming 2.1.4 update.

I understand that some those changes might have a negative effect on your workflow and if you have any concerns, please "contact us":

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