Custom URL Schemes in MindNode Touch

In today’s MindNode touch 2.1.3 update we added support for custom URL schemes. This means that you can now launch MindNode from applications like Launch Center Pro and automatically perform a simple action. In this first release we support launching MindNode and opening an existing document. Based on your feedback (Twitter | Facebook) we will add more actions in future updates.

Launch MindNode

To launch MindNode create a new action with a custom URL and use mindnode:// in the URL field

Launch MindNode and Open document

Create a new action with a custom URL and provide a URL with the following scheme mindnode://open?name=YourDocument and replace YourDocument with the name of your document. If your document name contains spaces, you need to replace them with %20.


  • mindnode://open?name=todos
  • mindnode://open?name=my%20next%20presentation
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