Capture Your Thoughts

Any idea starts with a loose collection of thoughts. MindNode makes it easy to get them into one document. We’ll take care of layout too, so that you can fully focus on your thoughts.

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  1. Smart Layout

    Smart Layout

    Don’t worry about how your document looks when you are just getting started. MindNode uses Smart Layout to always make sure it is readable and beautiful.

  2. Quick Entry

    Quick Entry

    When your thoughts are on fire, you want to get them out and onto the page as quickly as possible. Quick Entry makes adding different thoughts easy and intuitive. Just keep typing away.

  3. Multi-form


    Whether as words, images, links, tasks, or extended notes, capture your thoughts in any form. Drag and Drop the pieces from other apps, or your files.

Explore the Connection

Only when we start making connections do thoughts become ideas. MindNode gives you the space to configure and easily reconfigure the relationships between different thoughts.

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  1. Adapt


    Your document reflects your changing understanding as you add more thoughts. Connect, reconnect and detach as often as you like.

  2. Focus Mode

    Focus Mode

    Put a spotlight on one part of your mind map and fade out all the rest. Focus Mode helps you minimize distractions and stay focused to finish your thought.

  3. Discover


    The plus is always there, asking you to enter a new thought. Discover new connections by folding and unfolding nodes as you need them.

Organize your Idea

MindNode helps clarify the context and connections from one thought to another. Add individual styles to text and nodes to understand complex information at a glance. Outline view gives a new perspective on the flow of ideas.

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  1. Style Options

    Style Options

    Add individual styles to text and nodes to understand complex information at a glance. Beautiful layouts and themes make sharing a MindNode document with your team or family a pleasure.

  2. Tasks


    Turning your ideas into tasks is super simple. And once you know what your tasks are, you can easily export them to dedicated ToDo apps like Things, OmniFocus and Reminders.

  3. Outline View

    Outline View

    With the outline view you can easily browse through even the largest document. Expand or collapse what you need and search your entire document.

Share your Project

With cloud sharing like iCloud Drive you can have all your documents on all your devices. MyMindNode let's you upload an interactive version of your documents to our servers. MindNode also supports import and export of a wide range of document formats.

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  1. Sync


    Whether it's your iPhone on the go, your iPad or Mac at work with MindNode you stay productive wherever you are. Store your files in iCloud Drive and access them on all your devices.

  2. Import/Export


    No matter where your data is from, or where you want to continue working on it — import from and export to a wide range of documents like FreeMind, OPML, OmniFocus, Things and Markdown.

  3. myMindNode


    Publicly share interactive documents via our MyMindNode service. Whoever you send them to can explore your ideas without having to install anything.


Our support section provides guides and tutorials on how the get the most out of MindNode, and answers most of the of frequently asked question. If you have problems or suggestions, please contact us through the support page.

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