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IdeasOnCanvas is the creator of MindNode, a mind mapping application for the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. We deliver a delightful experience across all platforms and help musicians, students, project managers, and many more around the world to be more creative, productive and focused on their ideas.


Customer Support Assistant [f/m min. 5-8h/week]

What We Are Looking For

We are looking to hire a part-time customer support assistant, to help answer customers of MindNode for Mac and iOS.

Your Role Will Include

What You Contribute

What You Get


Please write answers to the following sample support requests and send them along with your application. If you are unsure what the technically correct answer is make something up:

  1. "I have MindNode. Can I use it on my iPad as well? Sent from Anne's iPhone"

  2. "Why do the mind maps I made with MindNode 5 on my iPad look different, when I open them on my Mac in MindNode 2?"


Great, we are looking forward to meet you, send us your application to

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